Farley Music was established about seventeen years ago by Richard Godfrey, a distinguished doctor of medicine, his wife Jane, and the Salisbury-based pianist Nicholas Walker, (pictured) who also teaches at the Royal Academy of Music. Nicholas_Walker322

Richard Godfrey was the Warden of Farley Hospital and is an accomplished organist. Richard has now retired and moved away from Farley but both he and his wife remain supporters of Farley Music in their capacity as Founding Patrons. Initially conceived to give concert experience to young musicians, over recent years the musical scope of the Farley Festival of Music has been widened, while still remaining true to the original aims. The current objectives are:

♪        To give concert experience and some financial assistance, especially but not exclusively,
to promising young musicians

♪        Through the use of All Saints’ Church as a concert venue, to generate income to assist with the maintenance and day-to-day functioning of the church

♪        To be a vehicle to reinforce village and local pride, community spirit and wide enjoyment

Tickets for Farley Music events are available from the Wiltshire Creative Box Office

All Saints’ Church, Farley, Salisbury SP5 1AH     For further details contact friends@farleymusic.co.uk

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